Powerful. Connected. Flexible. Scalable.
Fumulus VoIP Cloud combines plug-and-play simplicity with the power of the cloud.

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Business communications have evolved. What used to be a way to simply stay in touch has become a medium for streamlined operations, integrated connectivity, and the backbone of mobility. Fumulus VoIP Cloud is a hosted phone system that delivers simplicity along with business-grade voice functionality and integrated unified communications across desktop and wireless applications—all with affordability and plug-and-play ease.

Taking your communications to the cloud lets you:

  • Utilize a hosted solution to eliminate the complexity of an on-site PBX phone system
  • Control administrative and communication costs
  • Improve employee productivity


Voice is but one application. Look behind the curtain.

Switching from a hard-wired PBX system to a fully hosted, cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) solution helps you control costs and reduce complexity. It also offers a straightforward way to connect and collaborate across almost any broadband network.

Additional benefits:

  • Works with any broadband Internet service
  • Offers simple plug and play installation
  • Arrives quickly and is available to use in five to nine business days with new phone numbers
  • Provides businesses with a wide range of hardware options—from basic to executive phones
  • Allows for simple system customization through an intuitive online dashboard
  • Offers network monitoring